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Product Description

The 90 Series Liquid Level Sensor is a vertically mounted Stainless Steel float switch, offering high durability and reliability, making it ideal for most applications.

Download 90 Series Datasheet.pdf

Features Include:

  • Vertically mounted 316L Stainless Steel miniature liquid level sensor.
  • Coupled with a choice of switching options this design is ideal for food, automotive, petroleum, chemical and laboratory applications.
  • Normally open circuit with no liquid. This can be reversed by removing the split pin and rotating the float.
  • Available with form A (SPST) or form C (SPDT) contacts.
  • A 1 meter cable is provided as standard. For custom cable lengths, please contact the sales office.

Switch Contact Ratings

Form A switches are rated at 240v AC/ DC, 50 Watts, 1.0 Amp resistive load only.  All Form A variations have 16/0.2 PVC insulated wires.

Form C switches are rated at 50v AC/ DC, 10 Watts, 0.25 Amp resistive load only.  All Form C variations have 24AWG, 7/0.2 PTFE insulated wires.

Ordering Code

Example: DE90-50A describes a sensor with an M10 thread, Form A switch rated at 50 watts.

Custom stem lengths and switching points are available. Please contact the sales office for more information.

 All electrical equipment should be installed by a qualified/certified electrician. Reed Switches are easily damaged by inductive loads. Please ensure adequate electrical protection is in place before use.

* Deeter Electronics Ltd follows a policy of continual development of its products and reserves the right to change specifications and/or features without notice.

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