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40th Anniversary Party!

Deeter 40th Anniversary Party! This year marked the 40th Anniversary since Deeter Electronics began, and we wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to everyone past and present who has helped us get to where we are today and give you a bit of a background to the company. Originally formed in July 1982

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Celebrating our 40th Anniversary!

Originally founded in 1982, Deeter Electronics is now celebrating its 40th year in business! Joseph Whiteaker, our Managing Director, said: “As a family business I could not be more proud of us reaching our 40th birthday.  This would not have been possible without the incredible team we have here at Deeter Electronics, many of whom

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Dispatched Down Under

Dispatched Down Under! We recently received an enquiry for our horizontally mounted ATEX/ IECEx liquid level sensor, the HFS-Ex. These sensors are set to be used in a water/ glycol mixture, with Hydrogen gas potentially present, meaning hazardous area equipment is required. They require a simple reed switch to activate an alarm when the water/

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What is a zener barrier

What is a Zener Barrier?

Many people require a little guidance when designing their systems for use in a hazardous area and this is often the case when the need for a Zener Barrier in an Intrinsically Safe System is brought up.  What is a Zener Barrier? A Zener Barrier is used in order to limit the voltage and current

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Deeter DZB Zener Safety Barrier

The DZB Zener Safety Barrier

Another New Range of Products from Deeter Electronics – The DZB Safety Barrier! With the recent release of a variety of sensors suitable for use in Intrinsically Safe Systems, Deeter Electronics have designed their own extensive range of Zener Barriers – The DZB Zener Safety Barrier. With over 70 variations available, including 1, 2 and

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DCS Continuous Capacitive Sensor

The DCS Range

Adding to our ever-growing product portfolio, Deeter Electronics are proud to present the first model in a brand-new range of sensors; the DCS Continuous Capacitive Liquid Level Sensor. The DCS Continuous Capacitive Liquid Level sensor has been designed specifically for use in extreme temperatures, with an operating range of -200°C to +200°C, making it suitable

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A Unique Opportunity!

It’s not every day we get an enquiry like this one! We have been incredibly fortunate to work with engineers at The British Antarctic Survey and create a much needed ATEX certified sensor, critical for their day-to-day operations in Antarctica. Our custom LVCS-FP Explosion Proof sensor was the desired solution for their application! The obvious

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On The Road

The wealth of knowledge, years of experience and expertise in our field is widely recognised by our customers. We are regularly asked for our opinions in certain matters and ‘how it should be done’. We recently visited a long standing customer of ours in the Peak District to discuss a new project of theirs. They

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Can you help me?

What sensor do I need?  Can you help me? That is a question we get a lot here at Deeter.  Our customer will call us, they have an application that is specific to them but they don’t know where to start when selecting a sensor.  All they know is, they need to know if the

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