Another New Range of Products from Deeter Electronics – The DZB Safety Barrier!

With the recent release of a variety of sensors suitable for use in Intrinsically Safe Systems, Deeter Electronics have designed their own extensive range of Zener Barriers – The DZB Zener Safety Barrier.

With over 70 variations available, including 1, 2 and 3 channel options, the DZB range is suitable for a wide range of Intrinsically Safe applications. These barriers are ATEX and IECEx approved, making them suitable for use in most regions worldwide.

Alongside the DCS-IS, the new Intrinsically Safe Capacitive Sensor from Deeter Electronics, the DZB Zener Safety Barrier can be used with a variety of their other products, including the HFS-FP and VFS-SA level sensors.

How do they work?

If you are working in a Hazardous Area which requires Intrinsically Safe sensors, Zener Safety Barriers are the most common method of ensuring your electronic products are adequately protected. The barrier will limit the energy flow to the sensors in the hazardous area or flammable environment in order to prevent an explosion.

If you are using intrinsically safe apparatus in a Hazardous Area, safety barriers must be used to limit the energy that can be transferred from any safe area equipment into the Hazardous Area. Zener Safety barriers are the most common type of intrinsic safety barrier, and Deeter Electronics’ wide range of options ensure that they can offer protection for most intrinsically safe applications.

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