The Deeter product range includes: Level switches, float switches, level sensors, continuous level sensors, 4-20mA level sensors, custom level sensors, water level sensors, liquid level sensors, tank level indicators, panel mounted displays, level controllers and much more. Alongside these sensors we supply a range of complementary products.

Dual Level Controllers

Liquid level management through autonomous control of an external pump or valve.

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Intelligent Leak Detection Systems

Ideal for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, the Deeter Intelligent Leak Detector System comprises a Leak Detector Controller in a DIN-rail mounting enclosure and a set of Leak Detector Sensors in small, floor-mounting ABS enclosures. The Controller can identify each sensor and provide information about the location of a leak whenever a leak is detected.

Leak Detection Systems

Ideal for Server Rooms or Basements, the Deeter Leak Detector System comprises a Leak Detector Controller and a series of Leak Detector Sensors connected in a chain to the Controller via a 3-core cable. The Sensors will detect a conductive liquid (e.g. water leak) between a pair of probes on their underside. The Controller will respond to a leak detected at any one of the Sensors.

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Ultrasonic Level Meters and Systems

We offer a wide variety of high-quality standard ultrasonic sensors and controllers, as well as design assistance for semi-custom units. Plus a range of easy to install, low maintenance, non contact ultra-sonic level meters & remote systems for the measurement and control liquid & sludge levels.

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Current Loop Indicators

The Deeter Current-Loop Indicators are easy-to-mount display modules designed to work with any 4-20mA process sensor. These are available with digital readout or bargraph options. For more information on these, please click here

Mechanical and Magnetic Floats

Mechanical and magnetic floasts suitable for a wide range of applications.

Litz Wire

Litz wire is a type of cable used in electronics to carry alternating current. The wire is designed to reduce the skin effect and proximity effect losses in conductors used at frequencies up to about 1 MHz.

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Reed Switches and Relays

Reed Switches consist of two flat ferromagnetic reeds sealed in an inert atmosphere within a glass capsule. In the presence of a magnetic field the reeds are attracted to each other and close to complete the magnetic and electric circuit. Our reed switches are manufactured to the highest standards ensuring long life and consistent performance. Reed Switches are available in a wide range of formats and contact ratings.