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Product Description

Product Description

SL-100S is an ultrasonic non-contracting level meter which will increase the effectiveness of your liquid management process.
It is able to connect up to two sensors. Depending on the sensor, the measurement range is 5 meters, 10 meters or 15 meters. The sensor cable can be extended up to 450 meters.
SL-100S’s user friendly interface offers the user easy installation and calibration. Simple maintenance ensures a maintenance cost saving. All functions are optimized which enables you to effectively monitor the liquid level and keep your facilities running safely and reliably.



  • Single, Dual Sensor Channel
  • Measurement Range 5m, 10m and 15m
  • Simple installation and calibration
  • 3,6 Relays
  • Error instruction guide by QR code scanning
  • RS232, RS485, Modbus
  • Level Trend Monitoring
  • Downloading of Logging Data via USB
  • Firmware Upgrade via USB


Controller – SL-100S

Measurement  Ultrasonic non-contacting
Accuracy  0.2% of F.S
Resolution  1mm
Damping Rate  0.1m/min – 100m/min adjustable
Output Analog 4~20mA,max 750? isolated

Relay 3 or 6

Digital RS232, RS485, Modbus

Display Illuminated Graphic LCD
IP Rating IP65
Temperature -20°C – 60°C (-4°F – 140°F)
Material Polycarbonate
Dimension 166(W)×250(H)x95(D) mm
Weight ca. 2kg
Power Supply 100~230V AC±15%, 50/60Hz, 29VA(12W)

Fuse: 250V T1.0A

DC 9~30V, Max 8W


Sensor – LXD-05, LXD-10, LXD-15

Range LXD-5: 0.3~ 5m (0.98- 16.4ft)

LXD-10: 0.3~10m (0.98- 32.8ft)

LXD-15: 0.3~15m (0.98- 49.2ft)

Beam Angle 10° at -3dB
Process Connection 1” PF
Weight 1.5kg – 2.0kg
Material PP, PVDF
Temperature -30°C – 70°C (-22°F – 158°F)
Temperature Compensation by a built-in temperature sensor
IP Rating IP68
Cable 2 Core Shield (AWG18)
Cable Extension up to 450m (1,476ft)
Certificate  CE, UL, FCC
Warranty  3 years

* The specification is subject to change without notice.

For further details including wiring diagrams and detailed dimensions, please refer to the SL-100S Ultrasonic Level Meter Datasheet.

Ordering Code – SL-100S Controller



Ordering Code – LXD Sensor Series


Download SL-100S Datasheet