liquid dispensing systems

What are Liquid Dispensing systems?

deeterflow® Liquid Dispensing Systems deliver a measured volume of liquid at the request of a user, with great precision of ±1% of dispensed volume.

Types of Deeter Fluid Dispensers

There are three different options for deeterflow® systems:

The deeterflow® Automatic Liquid Dispenser

The deeterflow® Automatic Liquid Dispenser has an integrated pump to ensure measured volumes of liquid are delivered at the push of a button. Once calibrated and set up the user only has to select volume, press a button and the fluid dispenser delivers the required volume with no further operation.

Volumes between 0.20 litres and 100.00 litres can be selected in increments of 0.01 litres. The pump is self-priming and will provide a constant flow-rate, typically around 3L/min for water depending on the conditions such as the filter, tubing and the height differential between the pump and fluid outlet.

The deeterflow® Liquid Volume Dispenser

The Liquid Volume Dispenser dispenses volumes between 0.10 litres and 100.00 litres and can be incremented in steps of 0.01 litres. The device measures volumes over a flow rate range of between 0.6 and 5 litres/minute with a high precision making it a very reliable and accurate liquid dispenser.

The deeterflow® Low Volume Dispenser

The Low Volume Liquid Dispenser dispenses between 0.025 litres and 10 litres and accurately measures volumes over a flow rate range of between 0.2 and 2.5 litres/minute.