Many people require a little guidance when designing their systems for use in a hazardous area and this is often the case when the need for a Zener Barrier in an Intrinsically Safe System is brought up. 

What is a Zener Barrier?

A Zener Barrier is used in order to limit the voltage and current into a hazardous area. The voltage is limited through the use of a Zener Diode and the current is limited via a Resistor.

By limiting the Voltage and Current we can ensure that the hazardous area in which your device is being used remains safe and the risk of a catastrophe is mitigated. 

You can negate the requirement for a Zener Barrier if you choose to use sensors that are Ex d certified. We at Deeter Electronics have an extensive range of options with Ex d certification. However, for some people they may already have Intrinsically Safe products in the hazardous area and so it is easier to install an Intrinsically Safe system. Therefore they will instead use a Zener Barrier and either simple apparatus or Ex ia (Intrinsically Safe) certified sensors.

Our new and wide range of Zener Barriers can help with this requirement. If you require one, or even just some advice on your system, then feel free to contact us at [email protected] or give us a call on +44 (0) 1494 566 046. Our Zener Barriers can be viewed by clicking HERE.