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Product Description

The 40 Series Float Switch is a cost-effective horizontally mounted miniature liquid level sensor that can be internally or externally mounted. It has a self-cleaning hinge mechanism which gives it high reliability in demanding environments. It can be changed from Normally Open to Normally Closed operation to allow for sensing of high or low conditions by rotating the orientation of the body through 180°.

Download 40 Series Datasheet


Float Switch Applications

Ideal for use in Food, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Petroleum and Chemical Industries.

Technical Data

40 series horizontal float switch technical data
  • Horizontally mounted miniature liquid level sensors designed for external or internal tank mounting.
  • The design provides a cost effective solution where high reliability in a demanding environment is called for.
  • Available in PVC,Polypropylene,PPS and Nylon materials to permit use in most chemical and temperature environments.
  • By rotating the body through 180° it is possible to sense for high or low conditions.
  • Coupled with a choice of switching options this design is ideal for food, automotive, petroleum, chemical and laboratory applications.
Technical Data White PVC Black Nylon Grey Polypropylene PPS
Suitable specific gravity 0.7 0.7 0.7 0.7
Maximum Pressure 200 KPa 200 KPa 200 KPa 200 KPa
Operating Temperature -20 to +65°C -20 to +120°C -20 to +80°C -30 to +125°C
PVC Cable length* 1 metre 1 metre 1 metre 1 metre
Weight 35g 35g 35g 35g

*Other lengths available to order

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40 series horizontal float switch ordering data

Download 40 Series Datasheet

For more about Float Switches click here.

All electrical equipment should be installed by a qualified/certified electrician. Reed Switches are easily damaged by inductive loads. Please ensure adequate electrical protection is in place before use.

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