Product Description

The Marine Type Approved F/S FP Series Float Switch is a magnetic float on a reed switch sensor stem for control and indication of a liquid level in a marine environment. The Marine Type Approved F/S FP Series Float Switch holds Bureau Veritas Marine Type Approval under certificate 53346/A0 BV.

Features include:

  • Available with Bureau Veritas Marine Type Approval.
  • Custom length sensor stems up to 6 Metres.
  • Stainless steel 316 housing and wetted components.
  • Up to 7 switch points on one stem.
  • Custom made for mixed normally open/normally closed switches.
  • IP68 Ingress protection.
  • Voltage free reed switch contacts or Hall Effect sensing technology.
  • M20 or “NPT cable connections.
  • Custom mounting options available.
  • Narrow sensor stem and mounting for tanks without internal access.
  • Suitable for high liquid temperatures.

Download Marine Type Approved F/S FP

Sensor technology Magnetic float with reed switch
Sensor tube and wetted materials Stainless steel 316L
Connection head material Stainless steel 316L
IP rating with suitable cable gland IP66/68 for indoor or outdoor
Approximate weight
ø12mm stem 1kg +process connector + 0.5kg/Metre
Float Diameter: Specific gravity: ø53mm : 0.65
Maximum liquid temperature: -20 to +120°C
can be specified for process temperatures down to -55°C
Maximum head temperature -20 to +120°C
Maximum operating pressure 150PSI / 10Bar standard
450PSI / 31Bar optional
Thread connection-Sensor tube ½”-14 NPT
Thread connection-Wiring port ½”-14 NPT or M20X1.5
Connection head height 95mm
Switch Rating
>4 Point Reed Switch 0 to 50Vdc. 1Amp. 50Watts Max
≤4 Point Reed Switch 0 to 240vac. 1Amp. 50Watts max

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