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Product Description

Product Description

ULM-200C is an ultrasonic non-contacting level meter combining sensor and transmitter in one housing.
The measurement range is 8 meters and it is a two-wire loop-powered product. The sensor material is PVDF so it can be applied in various industry applications.
Its simple maintenance is one of the benefits of the ULM-200C and the accurate level and reliable performance enable you to effectively monitor levels and ensure that your facilities are running safely and consistently.



  • Compact Design
  • Aluminium alloy for die cast housing
  • Built in temperature sensor for temperature compensation
  • Two wire loop-powered
  • Simple Installation & Maintenance


Dimension  117(D)×209(H) mm
Process Connection  2 1/2” NPT
Housing Material  Aluminum alloy for diecastings
Sensor Material  Polypropylene
Weight  Nominal 2.8Kg
IP Rating  IP67
Operating Temperature  -20°C – 70°C (-4°F – 158°F)
Measuring Range  0.3 ~ 8 m (0.98 ~ 26.2ft)
Accuracy  0.2% of F.S
Display Resolution  1mm
Beam Angle  8° at -3dB
Damping Rate  Adjustable 0.1m/min to 100m/min
Temperature Compensation  Built-in temperature sensor
Analog Output  4~20mA, 550Ω at DC24V
Display  5 Digit Numeric LCD
Power Supply  DC20~30V
Supply Current  Less than 0.022A
Certification  CE
Warranty  3 years

* The specification is subject to change without notice.

For further details including wiring diagrams and detailed dimensions, please refer to the ULM-200C Ultrasonic Level Meter Datasheet.

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Download ULM-200C Datasheet