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Product Description

The Deeter F/S-FP is explosion proof float switch is a magnetic reed switch or Hall Effect sensor stem for control and indication of a liquid level while in a potentially explosive atmosphere.

Features include:

  • ATEX and IECEx approved.
  • Stainless steel 316L housing and wetted components.
  • Custom length sensor stems up to 6 Metres.
  • Up to 7 switch points on one stem.
  • Custom made for mixed normally open/normally closed switches.
  • Suitable for gas and dust environments.
  • IP68 Ingress protection.
  • Voltage free reed switch contacts or Hall Effect sensing technology.
  • M20 or ½”NPT cable entry.
  • Custom mounting options available.
  • Narrow sensor stem and mounting for tanks without internal access.
  • Suitable for high liquid pressures
  • Can be specified for liquid temperatures down to -55°C

The F/S-FP explosion proof float switch holds ATEX & IECEx certification for use in most regions worldwide.


Approval ATEX & IECEx
Applicable Standards ATEX & IECEx
Ex Coding With Mounting Adaptor:
Ex II 1/2G 2D
Ex db IIC (*) Ga/Gb -55°C≤Ta≤+85°C
Ex tb IIIC (*) Db -40°C≤Ta≤+85°C
IP68Without Mounting Adaptor:
Ex db IIC (*) Gb -55°C≤Ta≤+85°C
Ex tb IIIC (*) Db -40°C≤Ta≤+85°C
IP68* Temperature class options to suit environment and process temperatures:

  • T5 / T100°C for process temperatures ≤ 85°C
  • T4 / T135°C for process temperatures ≤ 125°C
  • T3 / T200°C for process temperatures ≤ 190°C

Atex Certificate: ExVeritas 17ATEX0301X
IECEx Certificate: IECEx EXV 17.0030X
Refer to certificate for clarification of directive code and equipment protection level.

Sensor technology Magnetic float with reed switch or Hall Effect
Sensor tube and wetted materials Stainless steel 316L
Connection head material Stainless steel 316L
IP rating with suitable cable gland IP66/68 for indoor or outdoor
Approximate weight
ø12mm stem 1kg +process connector + 0.5kg/Metre
ø8mm stem 1kg +process connector + 0.3kg/Metre
Float Diameter: Specific gravity:
ø12mm stem ø53mm : 0.65
ø8mm stem ø30mm : 0.75
Maximum liquid temperature:
Reed Switch -20 to +85°C (T5 / T100°C)
-20 to +125°C (T4 / T135°C)
-20 to +190°C (T3 / T200°C)
can be specified for process temperatures down to -55°C
Hall Effect -10 to +45°C
Maximum head temperature -55 to +80°C for Gas Hazard
-40 to +80°C for Dust Hazard
Maximum operating pressure 150PSI / 10Bar standard
450PSI / 31Bar optional
Thread connection-Sensor tube ½”-14 NPT
Thread connection-Wiring port ½”-14 NPT or M20X1.5
Connection head height 95mm
Switch Rating
>4 Point Reed Switch 0 to 50Vdc. 1Amp. 50Watts Max
≤4 Point Reed Switch 0 to 240vac. 1Amp. 50Watts max
Hall Effect Open collector 28Vdc Max. 50mA Max
Altitude 2000m Maximum
Pollution Degree (enclosure interior) 2
Installation Category Cat II
Certificate Download For products manufactured after March 2018:

Download ExVeritas LVCS FP & F/S FP ATEX Certificate


Download ExVeritas LVCS FP & F/S FP IECEx Certificate

For products manufactured before March 2018:

Download Sira LVCS FP & F/S FP ATEX Certificate


Download Sira LVCS FP & F/S FP IECEx Certificate

Datasheet Download

Download F/S FP Datasheet

Manual & Installation Instructions Download

Download F/S FP Manual

Please contact us for datasheets and manuals for products manufactured prior to March 2018

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