Download HFS FP Datasheet & Certificate

Product Description

The HFS FP intrinsically safe switch is a horizontal magnetic float switch for control and indication of a liquid level whilst in a potentially explosive atmosphere. Manufactured in 316L Stainless Steel, it is a horizontally mounted Liquid Level Sensor ideally suited to high temperature or pressure operation. It is also suitable for harsh environments and chemically aggressive liquids. It can be changed from Normally Open to Normally Closed operation to allow for sensing of high or low conditions by rotating the orientation of the body through 180°.

Refer to certificate ExVeritas 14ATEX0427X for clarification of system suitability and conditions for safe use. This switch must be used in conjunction with an intrinsically safe barrier when used in a potentially explosive atmosphere.

Download the Datasheet here: HFS-FP Datasheet and Certificate

Technical data and ATEX coding

HFS FP-xxx-01/02

Ex II 1G IIC T4/T6 Ga
Ex II 1D IIIC 135°C/85°C Da

HFS FP-xxx-02DIN

Ex II 1G IIA T4/T6 Ga
Ex II 1D IIIA 135°C/85°C Da

Minimum Liquid Specific Gravity 0.9
Maximum pressure 350psi  24bar
Ambient and liquid Temperature -20°C to +100°C

-20°C to +60°C in Gas T6 / Dust T85°C environment

Switch contact Rating FormA: <240V*, 1A*, 50Watts* MAX

FormC: <175V*, 500mA*, 10Watts *MAX

*Maximum safety barrier ratings apply when used in hazardous area

Cable type 1 Metre PTFE insulated 7/0.2mm

3 Metre on request

Cable colours Form A:
2x Blue
Form C:
Violet:  Common
Yellow: Normally open
Blue: Normally closed
Mounting M16 internal mount

3/4” NPT external mount

Wetted Materials 316L Stainless Steel

Download HFS FP Datasheet & Certificate

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