We at Deeter custom manufacture level sensors and float switches according to customers’ specifications to provide effective bespoke solutions. We can combine your specifications with our expertise in level sensor design to develop a custom solution to suit your requirements.


Our LVCS range of liquid level sensors can provide reliable, up to date monitoring remotely or in situ, depending on your requirements. A variety of available materials make them compatible with most liquids.

For challenging fluids such as dirty, coating, scaling and corrosive types, our 316L Stainless Steel sensors have a higher corrosion resistance and heat tolerances. Our standard LVCS products vary from 250mm-2000mm although custom lengths are available (up to 6000mm).

It can be widely used for level measurement and control for oil tank, fuel tank and lorry; also it can be applied in fields such as water treatment, metallurgy, power plant, water supply and sewage, lab etc.


The LVCSi is an intelligent level switch combining level measurement, local display and control together. It is an analogue vertical level sensor with an integrated display meter and output driver specifically designed for continuous, in-situ monitoring of your tank. It is an extension of Deeter Electronics’ range of LVCS analogue level sensors and can include a temperature sensing option.

The LVCSi is able to visually process the liquid level and switch contacts through a switch output, analog output and display screen. It has various output signals for different applications.


Deeter Electronics own DCLI and DCLIB can also be added to our LVCS products to show the readings of your tank from a remote location – see here for more information.

As an alternative to float switches, we also supply ultrasonic sensors which have an extremely high level of accuracy and do not involve any moving parts. With a range of up to 6 metres, these sensors are easy to install and work well in all industries. See here or call our sales team for more information.