Product Description

The 20 Series Liquid Level Sensor is a cost-effective float switch for high volume OEM applications. The micro-miniature packaging allows for accurate sensing within a very small form factor, ideal for small spaces.


Typical uses include food/beverage, automotive, consumer and medical applications.

Technical Data

  • Designed for cost sensitive high volume OEM applications
  • High reliability reed switch lifetime of 5 x 107 operations
  • Available in UL/WRC listed PVC,Polypropylene,Acetal and Nylon materials
  • Change from N/O to N/C by inverting float
  • Ideal for beverage,automotive and consumer applications


  • Form A Switch,1 Watt max.
  • 24v DC switching voltage max.
  • 0.1A switching current max.
  • 150v DC breakdown voltage min.
  • 7/0.2mm PVC insulated cable


  • 1/8″NPT &M10 mounting
  • 200mm Cable length
  • 0.1A switching current max.
  • Float SG PVC (0.7),Polypropylene (0.5) Acetal (0.6) and Nylon (0.6)

Ordering Code

Download 20 Series Datasheet