Product Description

There are many variations of the LVCS Series Continuous Vertical Liquid Level Sensor: LVCS, LVCS-HE (Hall Effect) and LVCS-RF (Wireless Version – Part of the Deeter Wireless Sensor System). Each LVCS provides:

  • Continuous level sensing.
  • 316L Stainless Steel as standard (other materials available to order).
  • A cost effective solution to multipoint and continuous level monitoring.
  • IP rating of IP67.
  • LVCS – 1 = 250mm, 2 = 500mm, 3 = 750mm, 4 = 1000mm
  • LVCS HE – 5 = 1250mm, 6 = 1500mm, 7 = 1750mm, 8 = 2000mm

We also manufacture a version of the LVCS with ATEX and IECEx approval for use in potentially explosive environments without the use of a safety barrier. To see more on this product and the rest of our Explosion Proof range, please click here.

Reed or HE?
Reed standard temperature range -20°C to 120°C.

Standard resolutions currently available:

3mm for 12mm tube
5mm for 12mm tube
6mm for 8mm tube
HE is economical for longer lengths and has a limited temperature range -20°C to 80°C

Some more of the differences are listed here:




Standard resolution



Stem temperature range

-20 °C to 120 °C

-20 °C to 80 °C

Current Loop Output

0-20mA or
4-20mA into
10Ω# to 1.2KΩ*


Datasheets [Download not found] [Download not found]

# At maximum operating voltage and temperature, the minimum load resistance increases to approximately 500 ohms. (An approximate formula is: Rload(min) = [Supply Voltage / 20mA] – [150C – Ambient Temperature] / 0.04C/ohm)

* Maximum load resistance is given by the formula:  Rload(max) = (Supply Voltage – 2V) / 20mA

There is also a Multi-Interface Board option which allows a variety of non-standard output options, including 0-2, 0-4, 0-10V and additional set-point outputs.

 All electrical equipment should be installed by a qualified/certified electrician. Reed Switches are easily damaged by inductive loads. Please ensure adequate electrical protection is in place before use.

* Deeter Electronics Ltd follows a policy of continual development of its products and reserves the right to change specifications and/or features without notice