Product Description

There are many variations of the LVCS Series Continuous Vertical Liquid Level Sensor: LVCS, LVCS-HE (Hall Effect) and LVCS-RF (Wireless Version – Part of the Deeter Wireless Sensor System). Each LVCS provides:

Continuous level sensing.
316L Stainless Steel as standard (other materials available to order).
A cost effective solution to multipoint and continuous level monitoring.
IP rating of IP67.
LVCS – 1 = 250mm, 2 = 500mm, 3 = 750mm, 4 = 1000mm

LVCS HE – 5 = 1250mm, 6 = 1500mm, 7 = 1750mm, 8 = 2000mm

We also manufacture a version of the LVCS with ATEX and IECEx approval for use in potentially explosive environments without the use of a safety barrier. To see more on this product and the rest of our Explosion Proof range, please click here.

Reed or HE?
Reed standard temperature range -20°C to 120°C.

Standard resolutions currently available:

3mm for 12mm tube
5mm for 12mm tube
6mm for 8mm tube
HE is economical for longer lengths and has a limited temperature range -20°C to 45°C

Some more of the differences are listed here:




Standard resolution



Stem temperature range

-20 °C to 120 °C

-20 °C to 80 °C

Current Loop Output

0-20mA or
4-20mA into
10Ω# to 1.2KΩ*


Datasheets Download the LVCS Datasheet Download the LVCS-HE Datasheet

# At maximum operating voltage and temperature, the minimum load resistance increases to approximately 500 ohms. (An approximate formula is: Rload(min) = [Supply Voltage / 20mA] – [150C – Ambient Temperature] / 0.04C/ohm)

* Maximum load resistance is given by the formula:  Rload(max) = (Supply Voltage – 2V) / 20mA

There is even an option of having a Multi-Interface Board which provides an alternative to the output drivers supplied with the standard range of Deeter LVCS and LVCS HE and enables LVCS configurations that are not practicable with the standard drivers, plus additional features that are not available as standard.