float switches


Whether for continuous level measurement, level control switching or both – Deeter Electronics offers a wide range of float switches and level sensors which are suitable for all industries. Since 1982, we have been creating bespoke, reliable sensors for our customers worldwide. Through our years of expertise, training and development, Deeter Electronics brings its knowledge to the forefront and creates the best accessory (component) for your requirements.

To develop our range of products, we combined the expertise we’ve gained over several decades in the industry and made a significant investment to ensure we produce high quality products.

Easy to Install Low Maintenance Float Switches & Level Sensors

Our range of float switches and level sensors is:

  • Easy to install in tanks, sumps and hard to reach places
  • Low maintenance, so you’ll get long-term reliability without the need to recalibrate
  • Durable yet lightweight due to the quality manufacturing and heavy-duty materials used

We can develop completely bespoke designs, manufacture level sensors to your own designs or modify the design of our existing range of level sensors and float switches to meet your needs. All typical options are available including connection head style and material, float positioning and float style. A variety of different approvals are available including ATEX and IECEx. In addition, certain models can specified with an incorporated temperature sensor.

Standard catalogue products for liquid level sensing include single point level switches, continuous level transmitters, multi-point level switches, visual level indicators and programmable liquid dispensing units. Detailed specifications on these and other liquid level sensors and switches may be found by clicking here.

Custom Level Sensors

At Deeter Electronics, we manufacture bespoke liquid level sensors and float switches according to your specifications, utilising our expertise in liquid level sensor design and manufacture to develop advanced solutions to suit your requirements.

For more information on our custom products please go to custom liquid level sensors and float switches.