Oil and chemical tankers are high-standard vessels that require great flexibility in order to carry a wide range of difficult cargo types (high temperature cargo in asphalt carriers or hazardous and flammable cargo in chemical tankers to name a couple).

As a result, elevated safety standards are required for transporting these products. If your product is safety critical to either the vessel or the voyage then it requires Marine Type Approval. Amongst the numerous applications upon a vessel, liquid storage is just one of the areas which require Marine Type Approval – and Deeter Electronics can help!

Our F/S-FP Series Float Switches are now available with Bureau Veritas Marine Type Approval. The harsh corrosive environment which level sensors are subjected to on a ship requires a corrosion resistant construction and robust mechanical design.

The materials employed need to withstand the effects of relentless exposure to seawater and salt spray when installed on the deck or in the ballast tanks of a ship. The design must meet the mechanical integrity requirements for liquid level measurement and be robust enough to survive in an uncompromising heavy industry environment.

While ensuring safety at sea, we can support you in meeting industry and regulatory challenges and in manufacturing and operating safe, high-performing and efficient sensors to meet your specific requirements.