On The Road

The wealth of knowledge, years of experience and expertise in our field is widely recognised by our customers. We are regularly asked for our opinions in certain matters and ‘how it should be done’.

We recently visited a long standing customer of ours in the Peak District to discuss a new project of theirs. They have happily been using some of our standard products for the last 10 years but are looking for something “a bit different” this time round.

Being asked from the offset to assist with the initial design of their latest project just shows the trust this customer has in the Deeter brand. By including us at this stage, this customer has allowed our knowledge, experience and creativity to come to the forefront, in turn ensuring that they can offer their customers the best, most reliable product in their field.

The project manager perused a catalogue of thousands of bespoke sensors we have offered our customers over the last few years, opening their eyes to the endless possibilities of what can be done. A “simple switch” can offer so much useful information and data, which in turn increases the capabilities of our customer’s original application.

This particular project is still in its infancy and will be months before manufacture starts. Being involved from the onset though allows us and our customer to adapt and change any facet as required, ensuring we are working together towards a common goal.

If you have a new project, or would like some assistance in designing the perfect, custom sensor for your application, get in touch! Our creative engineers have worked on thousands of bespoke products and have the knowhow to ensure that we are offering our customers’ the best products we can.

Call us on 01494 566 046 and see how we can help! Alternatively, why not send an enquiry to [email protected] and we will be in touch.