SKU: DE012-0104


Product Description

The DCLI (Deeter Current-Loop Indicator) is an easy-to-mount display module designed to work with any 4-20mA* process sensor. The integral display consists of four 7-segment LEDs with a display range from -999 to 9999 and with a user selectable decimal point position. The calibration procedure will allow any number in the display range to represent the minimum loop current and any other number, the maximum current#, thus most units of measurement can be represented and it is possible to have an inverted display (i.e. a 20-4mA indicator) if required.

The module incorporates two relays which can be individually configured to operate at any displayed threshold++. Separate ON and OFF settings allow the amount of hysteresis to be chosen, and also allows the user to decide whether a relay is open at low current/closed at a higher current or operates the other way round – open at high current/closed at a lower current. For switching high-voltage or high-current loads, the on-board relays can drive external slave relays – see the Deeter Dual Level Controller (DLC 1 or DLC II).

* 0-20mA operation is also available, user selectable during calibration.
# Calibration assumes a linear relationship between loop current and display.
++ Relays have normally-open contacts and will be open when there is no power.