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Product Description

The deeterflow® Automatic Liquid Dispenser has an integrated pump to ensure measured volumes of liquid are delivered at the push of a button. Once calibrated and set up the user only has to select volume, press a button and the dispenser delivers the required volume with no further operation.

Volumes between 0.20 litres and 100.00 litres can be selected in increments of 0.01 litres. The pump is self-priming and will provide a constant flow-rate, typically around 3L/min for water depending on the conditions such as the filter, tubing and the height differential between the pump and fluid outlet.

Dimensions 265mm x 120mm x 295mm (wxhxd, excludes plumbing and wiring connections) Power supply 10-15VDC @ 3A (12VDC mains socket adapter supplied)
Fuse 4A, anti-surge, 5x20mm cartridge Fluid Connections(1) 8mm OD, John Guest Speedfit®
Serial Communications connector USB Type B socket Remote Switch connector Locking 3-pin DIN plug (mating socket supplied)
Dispensed Volume Range 0.20 – 100 litres in 0.01 litre steps Nominal flow rate(2) 3.2 litres per minute
Flow rate range(3) .05 – 5.0 litres per minute Dispense Accuracy(4) ±1%
Fluid Temperature Range 0°C to +43°C Filter Stainless Steel, 60 Mesh (250 microns)
Wetted Materials acetal (polyformaldehyde)
polyether polyurethane
glass-filled polypropylene
glass-filled polyamide (Nylon)
polyamide-12 (Nylon-12)
nitrile rubber (NBR)
EPDM rubber
stainless steel
Pump Sound Level 65 decibels (typical)

(1) Suitable tube materials include: polyethylene, nylon, polyurethane, brass, copper, mild steel. For soft or thin-walled tubing, tube inserts should be used.
(2) Typical flow rate with 12V supply, clear filter, minimal external tube restrictions and minimal height differential between outlet of fluid and pump.
(3) For accurate dispenses
(4) Water at constant temperature and flow rate

Download deeterflow® Automatic Liquid Dispenser User Manual

Download deeterflow® Automatic Liquid Dispenser Datasheet